Student Wellbeing

cobains primary school

Student Wellbeing

School Values & Student Expectations

Cobains Primary School pride itself on teaching the values that we want for our future generations. Our three key school values underpin our interactions both inside and outside of the classroom. Our School Values are:

ACCEPT: This means accepting responsibility for our actions. Accepting that everyone has the right to learn and feel safe at school, and differences should be celebrated.
RESPECT: This means respecting each other, ourselves and the environment.
TRY YOUR BEST: This means giving our best effort in everything that we do.

Our conduct code is based on the belief that the school is a place that aims to meet the needs of all students. The school follows a School Wide Positive Behaviour approach to student management. Students are taught positively stated behavioural expectations.

You can find out more about student behaviour expectations & Code of Conduct in our Parent Information booklet.

Values Education Program

Our weekly social skills program successfully integrates key behaviours, teaches resilience and promotes self esteem to students.
All classes in the school run weekly social skills lessons based on our School Values of Accept, Respect and Try Your Best and the school Wide Positive Behaviours Matrix.

Encouragement & Rewards

Students are supported and encouraged to do their best and are rewarded for great effort through:

Student of the Week Awards (Certificates given at Monday assembly with recognition in our weekly newsletter). These awards acknowledge students Aiming High at Cobains Primary.

Green Vouchers are given out to students who show our school values in the classroom or in the yard. The students have the opportunity to cash in these vouchers for a range of awards and privileges.

Individual class awards that are negotiated by each class at the start of the year (these can include class celebrations and parties, raffle prizes and free time).