School Council

cobains primary school

School Council

The Cobains Primary School Council representatives are made up of parents, Department of Education and Training (DET) employees and co-opted members. The composition of the School Council membership is as follows:

* 5 Parents
* 2 DET employees (including Principal)
* 1 Community Member

A major responsibility of the School Council is that of deciding the educational policy of this school. School councillors, the wider parent community and teachers share a common responsibility for the education of the children. School Council responsibilities include school review, school finances, the maintenance of school grounds and buildings as well as policy decisions.

School Council elections are held early each school year.  Councillors serve a two year term of office with half retiring each year. Lists of School Council members will be published in the Newsletter after the election. School Council meet twice each term, usually at 7.00pm on a weekday determined by council members.

If you are interested in becoming a member of school council please click here to find out more information on the DET website about how School Councils operate.