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Welcome to Cobains P.S. Website

Cobains Primary School has been serving our local community since 1928 by providing high quality teaching and learning programs. Our school is committed to catering for the needs of every child in reaching their academic, social and physical potential in a safe and engaging environment.
Our purpose is to promote integrity, life-long learning practices and the attainment of excellence through the commitment of continuous improvement. We have a strong sense of community where the quality of relationships which are developed between parents, students, staff and the wider community assists students to be responsible learners, develop their self esteem, increase in confidence, care for others, and connect to their community. 


Our Values

Cobains Primary School pride itself on teaching the values that we want for our future 

Our motto is 'Aiming High' which is an expectation we have for all staff, parents and students in our School community.

The three key values that we undertake at Cobains Primary School are:

Accept Responsibility for your own learning & behaviour, and accept that everyone is different.
Respect That everyone has the right to feel safe and be valued in every learning environment whilst at school.
Try Your Best Pursue personal excellence in all areas. 

These values are displayed and discussed in every classroom. They are promoted in weekly newsletters and assemblies, and are shared between students, parents and teachers.

Student Encouragement & Rewards

Students are supported and encouraged to do their best and are rewarded for great effort through:


Parent & Community Involvement

We welcome and are most appreciative of the contribution made by parents to our school programs. Such contribution assists us in the achievement of many of our objectives.

Parents can help by participating in excursions, sporting and swimming activities, Friday club s activities, working bees and assisting with classroom programs including listening to students read. Please contact the school to express your interest in being involved in our fantastic programs.


 Parent's Club

The Parent's Club is a necessary and rewarding part of the primary school experience. The main function of Parent’s Club is to raise funds to support curriculum endeavours and important resources. To get involved in Parent's Club, please see the Principal or the Parent's Club President. 


School Council

This is an elected body representing the school’s parents and community. The School Council meets twice per term after school hours. Parents should feel free to contact any of the council members who will raise points on their behalf. All parents are welcome to attend School Council meetings as non-voting participants.


School Assemblies

There is a School Assembly every Monday morning from 9 am to approximately 9:15am and
parents are encouraged to attend where possible. Our grade 6 school Captain leads our school in singing the National Anthem and informs parents and students on the week’s events.
Achievement awards are handed out, birthdays are celebrated and students are given the opportunity to give weekend sport reports to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.   

Advertisements in the "Cobains News"

   Parents are encouraged to advertise goods “For Sale” or “Wanted” in the issues of the"Cobains      
There is no cost associated in advertising goods. Please see the Principal for more  


Keeping Updated

To find out what's been happening at our school recently, you can download our school newsletter. To find out what is coming up at Cobains Primary School, please check our online calendar for details regarding upcoming school events. Both items can be found in the Newsletter's Toolbar above.

School Buses

At Cobains we offer a bus service to and from school for our remote families. The bus routes on offer at our school are: Bengworden Road no. 20 and Clydebank Road no. 19.

School Hours 2017

Session 1 9.00am-11am
Morning Recess 11.00am - 11.30am
Session 2 11.30am - 1:30pm
Lunch time 1.30pm - 2.30pm
Session 3 2.30pm - 3.30pm

Term Dates 2017

Term 1 30th January- 31st March
Term 2 18th April- 30th June
Term 3 17th July- 22nd September
Term 4 9th October - 22nd December


    2017 Pupil Free Dates:

    Each Victorian Government School is allocated 4 Pupil Free Days per year for Staff Professional    
    Development. Cobains has allocated 30th January. Parents will be informed of the other date via the School’s weekly Newsletter. 

Additional information regarding Victorian Schools can be accessed online at: or see your child’s teacher, the Business Manager or the Principal for more information.